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What, Why?

What, Why?

The hood is lifted, and I’m set before a darkened blue mask cloaked court.

‘What, why?’ they ask me in a husky gravel timbre.

‘What, why, what…?’

… … …


‘Am I here cos of those dodgy sites I visited?’

‘Is it cos I jacked off to that one hose, four openings vid?’

‘Do I need to repent for something?’

‘I don’t owe money to you as well, do I?’

‘Say something… Anything!?’

‘What, why?’

‘What’s with the why?’

‘Why’d I, do it?’

‘Why do I get my jollies in the back web?’

‘What’s it to you to have to hide your face!?’

‘The council finds you guilty on account of four murders with one hose.’

‘What, why!?’

‘I didn’t set up those videos. Why am I falling for this? You jerks probably host the video so you can drag people in and pin them on your parlour games. I use a VPN. I didn’t bother with the premium package, but I thought it would cover most things. How’d you get me anyway?’

… … …

‘We were paid off by an anonymous backer who led us to an unknown hacker who got your cache from the strings.’

‘Who paid you off!?’

‘What, why?’

‘Cos, I want to know why I’m being done for this.’

‘Our sources could scrape away just enough data to leave a bread crumb for a hostage and torture service found on the dark net. Money says whoever paid big wants you to have the time of your life, like it’s your last. One of a kind service.’

‘Ah, it’s probs a split personality trying to treat me. I shouldn’t be so giving.’

‘What, why?’

‘It’s hard to find a new kink these days. But you can find most things on the back web. That’s how I found you guys. Now can we tighten these cuffs and make with the chubby fluffy!?’

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