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Fresh out of school Sean’s a company of one. Having graduated he dons the writing moniker of The PARAnnoyed P.I., because of his paranoid schizophrenia and an unquenchable thirst to finish a decade long novel case.

Through a lifetime’s pop culture diet, and always having stories spoon fed, at 31 Sean decided to start writing his own. After entering a writing competition at the inception of Covid, spurred an obsession to finish a novel project a decade in the making.

After a substantial course at the university of YouTube, he branched out into more traditional academic paths and entered Professional Writing & Editing at RMIT in ’21.

It’s from this course he developed a passion for right-brained, absurdist fiction, told in 600 or less fast flash fiction punches. This informed the first work by The PARAnnoyed P.I. in a zine to dissect our para-social boundaries.

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