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The Weather is Changing

Broken tent zip flaps in summit headwinds.

The mountain peak’s my only respite from the pooling sea level.

My nearby hot spring cave has a near perpetual motion machine of blue mushrooms.

There’s only one island of hope and it’s out there.

There hasn’t been man made smoke in over a decade.

The trees took over anywhere that wasn’t swimming.

On occasion I catch tired exotic birds. Probably the last of their kind.

I started halfway up a summit in my bunker and just kept climbing as the water kept rising.

There wasn’t much to do but wind up the friction lamp with what energy I had.

I could risk it all and maroon my shrooms.

Maybe there’s more to those other peaks than I’m bargaining for.

There’s no question, whether I stay or go, I can’t stay up here forever.

Gave up fixing the lamp to my comms blade to reach out years ago.

Now I just check weather reports on my birthday.

Should be coming up next month.

Sick of the polar-diluted poisoned fish jumping into my lap.

Nothing ventured nothing gained. Nothing mentioned nothing sprained.

I’ll just wait to the next report, maybe I’ll get lucky this birthday.

Can’t see my odds with the high waves and my broken escape pod.

I could start a blog and maybe someone will find it?

Probs best just zip up the tent and call it a week.

If I take out 4 hours of nightly manual rereading light, I can divert the couplings and GPS!

It’s worth it but do I risk checking twice at 55 or do I check next at 56?

I’ll make this one exception, call it a baker’s year blind eye.

If only this uploading wasn’t slower than the download…

Maybe someone will get the blog?

Maybe nature is changing for the better?


‘Yippee Shroomville, the weather is changing!’

Time to patch my pod and bob to a brighter surface.

I hope wherever I’m going we’re already saved.

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