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Codger’s Cable Car

It was nearing six @ 66F on an autumn day.

Weather wasn’t awful but it could have been clearer.

There was this old codger screaming and shaking the cable cart when it froze.

He must have used up all his energy cos he punched a window and collapsed on the floor.

The cart was 16661feet in the air by a since defunct mountain resort enterprise.

Wind was low but fog was dramatically high.

The cable would groan periodically under stress wanting to move.

Car #66 shook gently in the wind till the codger started doing knee lifts with a kick.

It was like he wanted to become younger in the cart.

He grabbed for his phone but quickly slammed it to the ground.

There’s no reception for miles and miles.

The cable car was stuck on its 666th cycle for the day.

There was a habit of the 6th car jamming leaving car #66 between the Ivan Split.

Ivan was a giant in these parts, and his legs split leaving a crack through the middle.

There were scenic gardens on both sides but there was no seeing through the fog.

I saw him empty his pockets and pick up a coin then scratch some words into the glass.

He had an apple with him, could have lasted him through.

The apple got hollowed out then he took out a blue fake eye and pressed it into the fruit.

That was when I saw him.

I saw him tear open the glass with his bare hands and climb out, smiling as he fell.

The bloodied glass couldn’t identify him, but the scratching’s were a lead.

They wrote, ‘Make sure the apple falls far from the tree. (Signed) Kidless Donor Dad.’

The computers wouldn’t allow matching next of kin.

Too bad the old Codger’s car started moving again soon after.

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