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Courses for Horses

Courses for Horses

‘What’s the combination to the safe?’

‘We only got three chances...’

‘What’s your top three?’

‘Day they divorced, nan’s birthday, and retirement. Yours?’

‘My birthday, his birthday, and I guessed nan’s too.’

‘I guess we go with that first.’


‘Ker… Ka… Cachink!’

‘It worked!’

‘Where’s the cash, the gold bars, high end drugs, or a gun?’

‘It’s just this wooden horse…’

‘That’s nan’s horse.’

‘She entered it into a carving competition after she lost her arm to heroin.’

‘Why’s it here?’

‘Guess it’s the most important thing to him.’

‘He inherited her debt.’

‘Why not a picture of us?’

‘Well, every picture he took of us he always placed the horse in the fore or background.’

‘Like a Trojan horse of memories.’

‘As if nan was there with us the whole time.’

‘Guess that’s why it’s in there.’

‘What are we going to pay the dealer’s dealer with?’

‘For entrée we’ll send them a photo of their cash with the horse in the frame.’

‘Then we’ll tell them the horse travels with the money.’

‘We’ll take a photo of just the horse by the pickup location.’

‘And for main course tell them to meet the hand-made horse by the park at sunup.’

‘Won’t they get the horse?’

‘Oh, they’ll get the horse alright, and a case full of evidence for the boys in blue to find them with!’

‘You think he wired this room with a mic or camera?’

‘Like nan never left the picture.’

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