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Stay-At-Home’s Lot

It’s always great when you stay in instead of always being out.

Lockdown has you bunker down to stocktake TP, HSP’s, and fresh streaming IP’s.

Your non-stop work-life relegated to sit-in home-life.

You’re never sure which day is what.

But for you it sure beats being “out there”.

So, you’re not with the plague, the muck, and the mire.

Life seems better through your internet’s lens.

Your conference calls ALWAYS run-on time.

No one dares unmute you to broadcast sudden detours.

There’re no shopping cues when you’ve got a digital basket.

Macro levels of micro-cable link infinite access to your finite attention.

If dinner isn’t double bagged, it’s doggy bagged to your door.

There isn’t anything you need you can’t call on demand.

Your only downfall is balancing your hours.

Whether to keep in your couch indent.

Maintain stalking your new stimuli.

Dragging down your same old coffee.

Do you buy in your fresh roast beans?

Or swagger to your laptop to get more work done.

All of life’s leisure’s and labours flatline into your entangled IRL web-life.

You wonder what they’re doing “outside”.

Be it walking an indentured servant.

Sunning and airing newborn laundry.

Pacing groups in cult costumes leaving vapour trails.

Afternoon meet and greets, same time, same place.

Graffito gunslingers making their window.

Cycling junk mail to letterboxes.

Or unloading baggage into Ubers.

Only some wear masks.

You’re positive the “outsiders” haven’t properly heard how bad it is.

You go back to your coffee and work.

There’s a gulp in your throat but you’re not going out to check it.

You’d rather stay at home and weather the storm.

The storm in your teacup.

The storm in everyone-you-know’s teacup.

You haven’t seen the sun in days.

You’re not going to risk being a statistic for some daily statistic.

You don’t know when, but lockdown will end soon.

You should check the calendar.

You see you haven’t flipped the month’s pages in ages.

You check your phone.

You open the calendar.

You find its February.

January was when they told you to lockdown.

Has it been only a month for you?

Or has it been years, and you’re still in lockdown?

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