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Snap Necks For Tokens

- Dedicated to Xavier

I snap necks for tokens.

Tokens help pay for rent, food, and ammunition.

I’m best in class.

Parents couldn’t be prouder.

Before I disappeared off the grid.

My identity erased by my total kill count.

There’s not a moment I don’t try to improve.

There are no toilet breaks on a live mission.

You must improvise.

I make sure to work at night.

Not because it’s safer.

So it always looks the same.

There are always variables.

You decide which ones you roll.

The sum theory of my sport is simple.

Calculate yourself into the unseen for the perfect twist.

I can’t be pulling punches on target’s backstory.

There’s no hit too large or price too heavy.

Days go by before I need sleep.

Stimulant endorsements have me working extra jobs.

My keyboard fades blue grey from bounty applications.

The press wants photos, but I don’t emerge to give it to them.

There are no breaks.

Everyone but “Them” wants my next token kill with me.

The random token onlookers stream with bated breath.

I can’t be stopped.

I won’t be impeded.

There is no end.

Like there is no new beginning.

Only job.

Only time to kill.

Stuff the bullet drop.

If I’m in competition with myself…

I’ll collect my own token soon enough.

I’m on top of the leader board for my league.

But bottom of the board for leaders in e-sports.

I make a living from taking it.

Total stealth kill.

It’s the only way to achieve max score.

Always catch them unawares.

I snap necks for tokens.

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