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Lost in the Woods

Would it have been better to have brought a torch or not have turned left at the crossroads?

Sun’s nearly down.

Didn’t bring any snacks.

Was it this house or that?

Which drive lead to her plot again?

How am I supposed to see through these woods?

It all looks like the same branching path.

Not much left to do but enjoy the sunset and admire the view.

Help will be on its way when they realize I’m gone.

Gotta reach the next peak for a better vantage point.

God help me.

Had to ditch the car before I entered their territory.

Would it have made a difference if things didn’t end that way?

I wouldn’t be here trudging through these woods if it wasn’t so.

Is there a place at their dinner table already set for me?

Say I find the right place, would it kill them to invite me in?

What would she say if she saw the bullet her dad sent me.

The one with the same personalized bullet jacket he imprints with a thumbs up.

If she did see the message in all this, would she reconsider her options?

Or would she take the shell and give it to her eager father?

Suppose there’s no other way of finding out but paying them a visit in kind.

Don’t wait up for me.

‘Knock. Knock. Knock. Sniff.’ The man raps gripping the bullet.

A pale woman yells by the door, ‘It’s him. He’s here, and he’s got your round. Should I let him in?’

‘Let him in. I don’ know how he made it through those woods.’ A rough man’s voice bellows.

The woman says with a hint of remorse, ‘Would you like to come in, and out of the woods?’

Art generated by AI powered by Midjourney Sep ‘22. Image rights belong to me.

Created using prompt: man lost in the woods at sunset:: --ar 3:2 --test

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